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Annie Gilligan, Postpartum Doula and Host of Closing the Birthing Year

Annie is a mom to two school-age boys, a postpartum doula and a licensed teacher. Her journey to finding joy in mothering has been a central part of her adult life, and she loves helping families bring more connection and nourishment to their earliest days together.

The birth and postpartum period of her first son inspired Annie to become a doula.  Through her own journey of learning and healing, she came to understand how support in the birthing year can empower a woman, honor our beloved babies, and preserve a woman’s vitality for decades to follow.  Her hope is that Closing the Birthing Year assists women come home to themselves after the transformation of pregnancy, birth and new motherhood.   

Annie has learned from many wise women along the way including Sobonfu Some, Tina Lilly, Hope Medford, Tami Lynn Kent, and Kimberly Ann Johnson.  She also has her BA from Whitman College, her MAT from University of Portland and her postpartum certification from Birthingway College. In her free time, she enjoys walking with her dog, dancing and spending time in the Gorge with her family.

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