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Brita Johnson, Postpartum Doula

Brita is a certified postpartum doula and community organizer. Her doula path has been inspired by the joys and challenges of parenting her daughter and son, and by a passion for supporting parents and their children in becoming the families they’re meant to be.

Her background in psychology, language study and nonprofit management is an expression of her love for puzzles. As a doula, she delights in supporting families as they align the puzzle pieces of their new family rhythms. With each visit, it is Brita's goal to gently and effectively step into the patterns of your day, to offer the information and hands-on care you need to feel rested, strong and confident—as parents, as partners and as individuals.

Since moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1997, Brita has built her family and deep community roots here, working with nonprofit organizations focused on issues ranging from sustainable transportation and environmental conservation to healthcare access and nutrition for vulnerable children worldwide. When she’s not snuggling newborns and nurturing their parents, she enjoys cooking, crafting, cross-country skiing and finding humor in the everyday adventures of parenting.

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