Closing the Birthing Year: a postpartum circle of healing and renewal

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Closing the Birthing Year: a postpartum circle of healing and renewal


From the point of conception through the first trimester, our bodies and spirit undergo incredible transformation: we bravely open ourselves to the new life that we carry and birth our children into this world. We rest, connect to our babies, and, gradually, we are ready to close the birthing year and return to ourselves as women.   

Next session: October 5th

Annie Gilligan, a postpartum doula with Bridgetown Baby, invites you to consciously close the birthing year through this nourishing afternoon with new moms and birth healers. Our afternoon includes gentle movement, reflection and a healing wrap of the body. Together we will mark the close of the birthing year, honor what we know to be true and welcome the next stage of growth with renewed strength and nourishment.  

3PM - 5PM, Saturday, October 5th
Wildhearts Wellness
4230 NE Fremont St., Portland, OR  97213
$50 (Sliding Scale Available. $37.50 for Bridgetown Baby clients, a 25% discount. Code: BBFAMILY)

Annie is a mom to two school-age boys, as well as a postpartum doula, labor doula and a licensed teacher. Her journey to finding joy in mothering has been a central part of her adult life, and she loves helping families cultivate deeper connection during their earliest days. As the facilitator of Closing the Birthing Year she creates a welcoming, warm and healing space for all participants to feel supported after the transformational journey of pregnancy, birth and new motherhood.  

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