Newborn Feeding Consultation


Newborn Feeding Consultation

204.00 240.00

Newborn Feeding Consultation 2-2.5 hours $240

Whether you plan on nursing, bottle feeding or combination feeding it’s helpful to have a baby feeding consultation in the first week or two after birth. 
One of our skilled Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) will provide you with the following tools and information to optimally feed your baby in the early days:

- Parent & baby health information intake
- Latch and positioning for comfort and efficiency
- Troubleshooting early breastfeeding issues
- How often will baby need to feed
- How much will baby take in a feeding
- When and why to use a breast pump
- How to feed from a bottle in a way that is both protective of the nursing relationship and respectful of a baby’s needs
- Creating routines around feeding
- Using Tummy Time and other games to help babies feed well and meet milestones

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