Overnight Postpartum Doula Services

Nighttime can be the most challenging time for a postpartum family. Babies wake up and want to eat— a lot. Parents are exhausted and, when everyone else has gone home, a postpartum doula can help! While a postpartum doula cannot promise that you will sleep eight hours straight, she can help you stay in bed and maximize your chances of sleep.


Individual Night Shifts- CHINOOK Special 50% OFF

Individual night shifts are from 9pm-6am.

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Sweet Dreams Package: Overnight Support Package

This package is a wonderful gift to help the family rest and recover. The four nights can be used back-to-back, over the course of one to three weeks, or spread out over the first month, whatever the family needs!

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It’s a Party: The Multiples Package- $100 OFF Summer Special

Multiple babies are, without a doubt, overwhelming and exhausting. However, they also give more smiles and snuggles as they grow. It may not always feel like it, but a family is very lucky to have multiple babies. A postpartum doula helps a family feel lucky. First and foremost, she helps the family sleep, which makes everything else better.

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The Ultimate Postpartum Deal Package

This package provides a wonderful start for any postpartum family! However, particularly for families who are recovering from a cesarean, a difficult birth, or are parenting on short notice.

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Snuggle Up: Comprehensive Sleep Care Package

Sometimes you just know you will need more sleep support than the average bear. 

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Postpartum Super Power Package

Bridgetown Baby is thrilled to partner with Portland Professional Birth Services to offer the Postpartum Super Power Package. By combining the healing potential of your placenta in a convenient pill-form with a full night of postpartum doula support, you are likely to wake up feeling like a new woman.

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Emergency Sleep Breaks (ESBs)—When a Nightime Doula Is Not Enough

Everyone knows that it is exhausting to have a baby. However, you may not be aware of just how tired you really are. It’s possible that you may be severely sleep-deprived and this is not safe for you or your baby. You may need an Emergency Sleep Break (ESB)—one in which you can sleep until your body is ready to wake up.

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