The Greatest Gift: Surrogacy and Adoption


The Greatest Gift: Surrogacy and Adoption

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Surrogate or Birth Mother Package
was $315 now $275 through May 1st

(Three 3-hour daytime shifts.)

A surrogate/birth mother performs a beautiful act of love, and the Greatest Gift package provides loving care for the surrogate/birth mother to help her recover from childbirth. This package provides physical and emotional support to surrogate/birth mothers after childbirth. Our postpartum doulas will care for the surrogate/birth mother by providing expertise, resources, a listening ear and an extra set of hands to help with cooking, tidying, laundry, and childcare, if needed, so she can rest and build back her strength. Our IBCLCs/doulas can help establish a pumping routine and safely transport pumped milk if both parties are local, or counsel on lactation suppression. Our postpartum doulas are happy to partner with birth doulas or other care providers to offer continuous care through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. This package is a loving way to say "thank you".

Intended Families Package
was $675 now $600 through May 1st

(One 9-hour night shift and three 3-hour day shifts. Milk transport may be used as daytime hours.)

Our Intended Family package provides comprehensive support for the growing family as they transition to their new life. Available for families welcoming children up to two years of age.

Intended Families or Surrogate/Birth Mother:
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