Sibling Support

Labor and birth can be unpredictable! We don’t want you to have to worry about who will be caring for your older child(ren) when you are deep in labor. On-Call Sibling Support bridges the potential gap in childcare when your new little is on their way.


On-Call Sibling Support

We are on-call for you and your older child(ren) 10 days before your due date. During this time your doula(s) will be only a text, call, or email away. Please feel free to reach out in our direction in order to maintain good communication and contact. We will be there when you are ready for us to come over to help with your older child(ren) to care for them so you can stay focused in bringing your new baby Earthside.

Due to limited availability, this service is only available to families who purchase a postpartum doula package as well.

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