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Lactation Room Consulting Services

"I highly recommend hiring Bridgetown Baby the next time you are designing a Mother's Room for pumping employees. Our company was hired to be the owner’s representative for a non-profit organization who was developing a central office for its state-wide organization. I sent Bridgetown Baby the draft plans for the proposed Mother's Room and they quickly provided invaluable guidance and expertise on how to make the space more comfortable and productive for the employees while also meeting legal requirements. These spaces, while small, have a profound impact on the employees and their families for years to come. It is worth getting it right the first time."  —Anyeley Hallova, Partner, project

Services Available

  1. Meet to discuss general guidelines for creating a lactation-friendly workplace and legal requirements for employers. 1–3 hrs.

  2. Provide feedback on specific designs. 3–5 hrs.

  3. Assist in supply and set-up of new lactation rooms. 10 hrs. plus.

  4. Provide ongoing education and support for employees, including breastfeeding classes and support groups. 2–8 hrs. a month with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Hourly rate is $95 an hour.

Women with children under 3 years are the fastest growing segment of the workforce and breastfeeding rates are on the rise. Oregon has one of the highest breastfeeding rates in the country followed closely by Washington. According to “The Business Case of Breastfeeding” published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, employers benefit greatly by supporting breastfeeding employees at work. The research shows better retention of experienced employees, a reduction in sick time taken by moms and dads for child illnesses, and lower health and insurance costs. Thus, workplaces should be designed to accommodate  an increasing number of employees pumping at work for their babies.

Employees returning to work after maternity leave are often concerned about pumping enough milk for their babies. When an employer provides a thoughtfully designed lactation room that is convenient, efficient and comfortable, they help reduce the employee’s stress, which in turn helps her make enough milk for her baby. Feeling supported at work during the breastfeeding phase allows the employee be more focused and productive, and fosters a happier, more loyal employee with a healthier family.

Bridgetown Baby and Natural Latch Lactation Services have partnered to provide employers with practical, meaningful guidance on how to create well designed workplace lactation rooms and a lactation-friendly work environment. Join many of the world’s leading employers (such as Google, Mercy Corps, Starbucks, Weiden + Kennedy, Cisco, and Facebook) by creating a lactation room that will make your employees happier, healthier and more productive.