YOU Are a Magical Mama!

by Katie Slack, MSW


As moms, we sometimes get stuck. We question ourselves, we have to “catch up” to a new stage our babies/kids enter, or as a friend of mine recently said... we need to ‘recalibrate.’ I love that.

We literally create a human being with our bodies, and yet within a few weeks or months we’re expected to get our “bodies back” and have everything in full swing again. No way can we ‘recalibrate’ that fast - this is a ridiculous amount of pressure. 

Truth is, when we add littles to our lives, there are A LOT of factors that come into play, and it’s not simple or easy. But at the same time, we are equipped. We are stronger and more powerful than we know. I’d even venture to say, you are magical... mama. 

You may not necessarily think of yourself that way, but to your littles, you are. You heal their boo boos with a single kiss. You hold them, and they know they’re home. And when you find yourself in mama bear mode, they know they will always be safe.

What I’d offer you this Mother’s Day, is ‘make sure you don’t forget to use all your amazing magicon YOU, too.’ If you ever forget - because we all get off track now and again - just remind yourself to bring it on back. Shine the spotlight on your own heart and soul when you need it, mama, because you deserve it, too.

Below are a few ideas to get you moving in the right direction (and I know you’ll come up with a few of your own, because who knows YOUR magic better than YOU?!).

Here are your Magical Mama Tips for May. Here’s to celebrating ourselves all month long!

#1 Practice being your own best friend. 
How would you talk to yourself, what good food would you treat yourself to, what small little nurturing things would you do for yourself on the daily? Befriend your own sweet little self and reap the benefits, baby.

#2 Try these 3 Magical Mama Mantras on for size, and see how they sit with your soul:
“I’m doing a great job.”
“I am enough.”
“All is well.”

#3 Last but not least, when the going gets tough, remind yourself that you don’t necessarily HAVE to get tougher.

Cut yourself some slack! You know, I happen to be uniquely qualified to give this advice (notice my last name), not to mention my status as a recovering perfectionist. Sometimes we need to soften, loosen our grip, do some healing, get some rest. Just trust yourself in that moment to know what you need. But most importantly, give yourself a break.

Because you ARE magical, mama, you are loved, and everything really is going to be ok.

Katie Slack is the founder of FULL LIFE DESIGN. FLD offers women entrepreneurs (who are usually mamas too!) business planning, personal growth and work/life design consulting services to transform and empower.