“So thankful for the nighttime support with our double twins (newborns and 4 yr olds)! Such loving and thoughtful doulas who are very knowledgeable about feeding and care of newborns! They walked with us through tongue-tie, breastfeeding challenges and sibling adjustment. Most of all— getting sleep a few nights a week was so important for my health and our family's stability. Highly recommend. Totally worth the investment!”  

            — Stacy H (Mother of Four) 

"Merriah stayed overnight with us after our baby was born for about two weeks. Her calm and reassuring manner really helped our transition as first time parents. She also provided wonderful breastfeeding support. She is super resourceful!"

 —Angela Chang (Mother of Rex) 

"We couldn't have asked for anyone more perfect than Rose to help our new family begin our life together. She has an incredible intuitive understanding of our needs, and a reverence for the momentous and special nature of this transition time. When we hit a few bumps in the road, Rose helped us develop a game plan that cared for all of us. Rose feels like that perfect dinner guest, except she helps make the dinner and do the dishes! We all feel happier, rested, and more at ease after Rose has spent time with us. And even more importantly, she has helped us build the skills and confidence to jump into new adventures as a family."

—Emily Connor (Mother of Abel)

"Emily and Merriah are so supportive and caring. Their encouraging words empower you to take on the challenge of parenting.”        

           —Kerry (Mother of Jordan and Liam)

"For the first six weeks, breastfeeding was a real challenge. Merriah was available to answer my questions and listen to my concerns. She offered empathy, explanations for what was happening with my body and with baby, and practical tips and tools for making nursing work. My son is now three months and doing great. We’re grateful for Merriah's help and counsel."

—Jennifer Schmidt (Mother of Axel) 

"With family living so far away, the Bridgetown crew was our lifeline during the first weeks after our daughter's birth. Their warm, calm and professional demeanor and the natural way they came in and became an extended part of our "new born nest" played a huge part in making those first fuzzy weeks more manageable and even enjoyable! My husband and I even dared to venture out on our first date night after just a month of Frankie being born knowing she was in the safe hands of Emily. Also, on the topic of hands and Emily, she gives an excellent shoulder massage for newbie moms who are suffering from the common "nursing shoulders." Love!"

            —Karin (Mother of Frances)

"From helping to diagnose a severe tongue tie to occupying my toddler so I could make phone calls, Merriah’s services were invaluable to my postpartum experience. She’s warm, innovative, professional, and a pleasure to talk to—a real blessing during those sleepless, confusing, crazy first few weeks." 

—Anna Sachse (Mother of Lily and Ada)

 "When my husband and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl Josie into the world, she was amazing in so many ways, but we really had no idea the struggle that was ahead of us. Josie was a handful. We struggled with breastfeeding, sleep was a constant battle, and being new parents was just all around tough.  Enter Rose. She came into our home and brought warmth, care and a true sense of empathy that we so very much needed. Not only did she help me with breastfeeding, childcare and housework; she listened. She was a friend and ally that we could lean on.  Josie is now five months old, and is a happy and health baby, and is truly out of her fourth trimester. The first few months of having a baby is like a marathon, and it helps to have someone like Rose there cheering you on, and lifting you up."

—Alison (Mother of Josie)

"Merriah had a wonderful way of not making me feel the least bit awkward about opening the door to my chaotic mess of a house. By the time she left my house was picked up, our tummies were full, and my eldest was so happy for having received some extra attention and time at the park. Merriah’s moral support left me feeling like I was up to the challenge!"

—Amber Ziring (Mother of Katherine and Kincaid)